We are delighted to share with you an exciting progression for Edinburgh Youth Theatre as we venture into the digital world!   If you are already attending EYT sessions please read this carefully so you’re aware of the upcoming changes, how they affect you, and any action required.

Online Accounts

This month we will be sending you login instructions for your personal online account, where you can view and manage a variety of important features:
  • Personal information for yourself and students 
  • Billing Account with 24/7 access to transactions
  • Class Files and Music
  • Bulletin Board
  • Class Calendar
  • Private Student Notes
  • Class Notes
  • Reporting any absences 

We have taken a lot of care and time to select this software and invested heavily to make sure it’s the best next step for EYT. 

With the introduction of your online account, we’ll be modifying how we manage your payments and fine-tuning our term dates but it won’t change the number of classes your child attends each year, nor will it change the amount you currently pay for classes. 

Read on…!

New Term Dates

To make sure our students get the best experience throughout the year, we’ve re-aligned our term start and end dates to match Edinburgh Council’s system of three distinct terms. The term dates for 2019 are as follows:


Start Date
End Date
Spring 2019 
(12 classes)
Thu 10th JanSun 7th AprThu 14th Feb to Sun 17th Feb (Inclusive)
Summer 2019 
(10 classes)
Thu 25th AprSun 30th JunNone
Autumn 2019 
(18 classes)
Thu 15th AugSun 22nd DecThu 17th Oct to Sun 20th Oct (Inclusive)

New Monthly Payment Plan

In the process of going digital, we will introduce our new monthly payment method, Auto-Pay. We appreciate many of you have already gone to the effort of setting up a monthly Standing Order, and here we are asking you to change payment method again! However, this method is far more coherent and reliable. It makes the administration load much lighter for the EYT team, and payments more traceable for you.
All YOU have to do is put in your card details then cancel your Standing Order with your bank.
Auto-Pay is a subscription service that charges your nominated debit or credit card each month, but if you would prefer to make a payment each term for the full balance, that option is still available. If you pay monthly, it charges EXACTLY THE SAME as the amount you already pay. It’s all recorded and worked out and you always know exactly what you are paying for!

We take security very seriously – we will never see your card details. These are stored with AES-256 encryption by the payment processor, Stripe, who you can read more about here. 

The important thing we need to make people aware of with Auto-Pay is that it’s not a Direct Debit or Standing Order. If you lose, cancel or change your card, you will need to provide us with the new details in order for us to successfully charge you.

Balancing All Billing Accounts

To leave as little room as possible for error and to ensure there is complete accountability and transparency when it comes to your billing account with us, we will need to settle every account to a zero balance. 

This means that regardless of which payment method you used till now (monthly Standing Order or termly BACS payment), or what amounts are owed, every account will start fresh from January 1st 2019. 

From 10th November you will see an outstanding balance on your online account, which we believe to be the final payment – required by the 30th  November – to settle your account to zero.

This calculation will be all payments made to date minus all classes up until the end of this year. 

For many parents you will be ahead and your final payment will be less than the usual standing order amount. For some parents you may need to pay slightly more in November, but each account will be individually checked to make sure it is the true reflection of what remains for 2018. 

If you pay termly, and have no previous outstanding balance (we have been working hard to make sure everyone is up to date from Summer Term!), you will already have a zero balance, and will be in credit for the start of the next term. 

To migrate everyone to this system, you must log into your account, check the balance showing as owed is correct, then either: 

Choose to Pay Monthly

Click “Enrol in Auto-Pay”
Read the terms and conditions and enter your card details. We will then charge your card for the final balance of 2018 on the 1st of December. From the 1st of January and every following 1st of the month, this card will be charged for your monthly payment plan.
Choose to Pay Termly

Click “Make Online Payment”
Pay the full balance on your account. We will add the fees for Spring 2019 on the 1st of December and you should pay these no later than the 20th of December (3 weeks before the next term begins).


Don’t panic! We’re here to help! 
Change can be tricky. Some people will need a bit of extra support and we are absolutely happy to help anyone who wants to go over this change in more detail or has any questions. We have arranged for Calum, who is helping implement the new system, to host a night at Bellfield on Wednesday 28thNovember 7pm, where there will be a short demonstration, a Q & A, and most importantly some wine and nibbles to say thanks for being with us!


  • Your monthly payment amounts are not changing, neither is the hourly rate.
  • The lengths of terms and therefor the cost for each term IS changing
  • You need to check your account balance and either pay it or enrol in Auto-pay by the 30th of November.
  • Update your calendar with our term dates so you don’t miss any classes.
  • If you have a Standing Order set up, please cancel this after the November payment has 
  • You should check your contact details and student details are accurate in your online 

Join us for wine, nibbles and a chance to explore the new system on WEDNESDAY 28thNovember 7pm at BELLFIELD.

RSVP to let us know you can make it.

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