COVID class guidance

Covid Class Guidance

**Update 26th December 2020 – All classes will run online while schools are closed. Classes will be at the same time and will be the same duration as timetabled. Parents will be sent the Zoom link on the morning of class each week**

Updated 5th November 2020 17:30

In line with current Scottish Government youth work guidance, we have implemented some changes that you now need to follow to help keep yourself and others safe when attending EYT classes. We ask that all parents/guardians and, where appropriate, young people make sure you have read through this page before attending an EYT class. 

Before attending EYT 

  • If any EYT student has any symptoms of COVID-19 (https://www.nhsinform.scot/self-help-guides/self-help-guide-coronavirus-covid-19) they must NOT attend EYT class.
  • If any EYT student has been asked to self-isolate for any reason, they must NOT attend EYT class.
  • If an EYT student has a cough but is otherwise well and has had a negative COVID test result, then they can still attend their session. You must contact EYT to inform us of this before attending.

Entering and leaving EYT class

  • Parents/guardians please drop off students at the clearly marked queuing point outside the gate. 
  • Please follow current social distancing rules during drop off and collection.
  • To avoid any group crossover and to ensure that cleaning can take place in between classes it is important that students are dropped off and collected on time.
  • We understand that unavoidable situations can happen. If you are going to be late please phone EYT on 01316776406 to let us know and we will arrange to meet you at the gate.
  • Young people who make their own way to EYT should arrive on time and ensure they maintain social distancing while lining up outside. Drama leaders will meet them at the gate. They should leave promptly at the end of their session.
  • Young people who arrive late for a class should report to the large hall as promptly as possible.
  • The parent collection area will be clearly marked outside the main Bellfield church doors. EYT leaders will ensure all younger students are safely collected.
  • All door handles and surfaces that will have come into contact with students will be cleaned between sessions and regularly throughout the day. Hall doors will be opened for ventilation between classes.

Moving around the building

  • Once inside, students must follow current COVID procedures and there will be signs reminding you to do so.
  • 5yr olds and over should wear a mask when moving around the building, including entering, exiting, or going to the toilet. If your child is exempt from wearing a mask, please let us know. 
  • Under 5yrs do not need to wear a mask.
  • ALL students will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering or re-entering their drama hall, using the stations outside each hall.

During EYT class

  • Please consider what your child brings to your class – the fewer unnecessary items the better. Bring a plastic bag from home for all student belongings.
  • Students must wear comfortable clothing they can move around in. Bring lots of warm layers as the halls will be colder due to ventilation between classes!
  • Primary school age students do not need to socially distance from each other during class, however they will be socially distanced from the Secondary students and will use a separate space for their drama work. 
  • Students can remove their masks once in their place in class. Students aged 11yrs and up will be required to have their masks on for some or all activities.
  • EYT leaders will wear masks while moving around the building and during sessions. EYT leaders will endeavour to keep a 2-metre distance from young people at all times during the sessions. If there is a need to come into prolonged closer contact with a young person, leaders will wear PPE.


    • We would ask that parents/guardians do not enter any of the buildings unless necessary. The only exception is for Preschool Dramatots – if the child needs a parent to stay with them, we ask that only one parent enters the building.
    • If a parent does need to come into the building, you must wear a face covering and follow COVID guidance for the venue. Depending on the length of the visit, parents may be asked to provide details for Test and Protect.
    • If you wish to speak to a staff member about your child we ask that you contact EYT by phone 01316776406. If EYT needs to speak to a parent about a child, we will contact you by email or phone.
    • All class registration is done online via your EYT account


  • No food or drink will be allowed in classes apart from your own water bottle. Please ensure it is labelled with your name.
  • Toilets will only be accessible to one person at a time. Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds and following current guidance. Hand sanitiser will be outside all halls for use before re-entering.
  • Tissues must be discarded immediately after use into a bin and hands sanitised before continuing with class.


  • Any requirement for First Aid will be dealt with in line with our current policy and First Aiders will be wearing PPE.
  • If a young person within the class is complaining of or displaying any of the COVID symptoms they will be taken to the venue isolation room and a parent/guardian will be contacted to arrange collection of the young person as soon as possible. They will be given an information leaflet to take home. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS ARE UP TO DATE.
  • If a young person is ill but not displaying or complaining of any COVID symptoms they may be able to remain in the room (keeping a 2-metre distance) until a parent/guardian can be contacted to arrange for collection.

Online alternative

  • In the eventuality of a lock-down or whole class needing to self-isolate all affected classes will move online to EYT2.
  • All students are welcome at our Drama Hub online, especially those who cannot attend in person for any reason.

Important information 

  • In the result of any positive COVID test you MUST inform Test And Protect (TAP) if you have recently attended an EYT class. If we are contacted by Test And Protect we will follow their guidelines, which may include passing on details as required by the law to the relevant bodies.
  • As this situation is continually changing, we will regularly review the current government and health guidelines and send you any updates as required to ensure the safety of our young people and staff. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any changes.

Following these guidelines, EYT will be able to stay open while Edinburgh is in protection level 3 and 4.

If you have any questions please contact info@eytheatre.com