Details for drama classes Summer 2022


Book now for Summer Term 2022 in Bellfield and St Marks in Portobello, which runs from Monday 25th April to Saturday  2nd July 2022.

This term sees the continuation of Film class in our online venue EYT2. All other drama classes will take place in person in Bellfield and St Marks, Portobello EH15, either outdoors on indoors depending on weather and guidance updates. Please note that you are signing up to a blended term – if COVID Government Guidelines require schools and community facilities to close, or for any other COVID-related reason, EYT will move classes online.  

WATCH THIS SPACE for the introduction of our YOUNG COLLECTIVE, beginning on Tuesdays in April.

Our PAY WHAT YOU CAN BURSARY SCHEME for families on low incomes or facing financial hardship has space for the term. Email info@eytheatre.com to apply.    

Tasters are available in the FIRST FOUR WEEKS then classes are closed for the term so we recommend you book in as early as you can!

Film Class (12-14yrs)18:3020:00ZoomPaul
Preschool (3-5yrs)10:0010:45Small HallClaire
Upper Junior (10-11yrs)16:4518:45Large HallNick
Lower Senior (12-14yrs)16:3018:30Celebration HallCaitlyn
Upper Senior EYT (15+yrs)17:0019:00Large HallDerek
Pre School (3-5yrs)11:1512:00Small HallClaire
Dramarama (5-7yrs)13:0014:00Small HallDerek
Lower Junior (8-9yrs)13:1514:45Large HallNick
Dramarama (5-7yrs)13:1514:15Celebration HallCaitlyn
Lower Senior (12-14yrs)16:1518:15St MarksKatie
Dramarama (5-7yrs)14:3015:30Small HallDerek
Upper Junior (10-11yrs)15:0017:00Large HallCaitlyn
Lower Senior (12-14yrs)16:1518:15Celebration HallDerek
Dramarama (5-7yrs)10:0011:00Large HallAmy
Lower Junior (8-9yrs)11:1512:45Large HallAmy

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