Get involved in theatre & performance skills. Children from primary 5 to high school s1 can learn new skills and gain confidence. Sessions are all at Bellfield on Fridays from 2 – 4pm or at 4pm-6pm during term time. Find out more about dates, costs and holidays for our drama classes.

Classes take place on Friday 2-4pm and 4-6pm. Places are now available in the earlier class, 2-4pm (4-6pm is full).

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In our theatre & performance classes, students are exposed to just about everything to do with performance. We explore musical theatre, devising, filming, improvising, theatre costume and prop design, writing, radio and sfx make up. With regular theatre performances at Bellfield and film productions these students are constantly learning new skills in performance and communication skills . This class exposes the student to many aspects of the performing arts and as result, broadens their creative horizons. Shauna Macdonald brings her own professional knowledge and experience of the film and theatre industry to inform her teaching. The students are also given the opportunity to take part in the monthly Comedy Kids performances at The Stand Comedy Club, perform in The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and also the annual Porty Community Panto.

Sessions are all at Bellfield on Fridays from 2 – 4pm or 4 – 6pm during term time. Shauna leads the sessions. Get to know more about drama, theatre and film. You can book a trial class for just £5. Just book and pay for your trial session online (all trials will now be arranged for January).

If you decide to enrol, each session costs £12 (£6 per hour) with discounts for siblings. Find out more about dates, costs and holidays for our drama classes.

My daughter has really enjoyed going to Edinburgh Youth theatre and has made new, lasting friendships outside of her school group.  She participated in the Edinburgh Festival Show this year which she loved and it gave her some new independence and confidence in herself. I think she surprised herself that she could perform in front of an audience, she grew in confidence and enjoyed being part of a team (the cast). 

Shauna and her team treat them like young adults and give them responsibility.  They seem to have a lot of fun at the weekly youth theatre sessions and it’s great for building their self-belief.”


Kerri Middleton (parent)