high school drama

Edinburgh Youth Theatre runs classes for high school pupils during school term times. We also provide summer schools and projects. Each class links through to a full description and the chance to sign up for a trial session for £5.

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Our Drama Class Performances

The Highly Acclaimed Fringe Show

TPYT performed Mary Poppins at the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre

TPYT performed Mary Poppins at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016

The High School class performed a devised a preview of their Fringe Show: Mary Poppins with great success. Collaborating with Lothian Dance Academy for the first time the entire cast of 30 were able to use the preview as a guide for determining what parts of the show needed more work before the Fringe rehearsals began. EYT brought in industry professional, Sophie Ferguson, who ran our costume and props making course and acted as stage manager.

TPYT also brought in Beth Morrison and Caitlin McGillvaray, who facilitated our vocal workshops and acted as Musical Directors for the show. In August 2016, this group performed 8 full-house shows of Mary Poppins at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Taking part in the world’s largest arts festival was a great opportunity and experience for both the actors and dancers of the group.

Last year, this group received workshops in sketch writing and editing for online video sharing. We filmed our sketches in various locations, and created an online platform which gave the members involved the experience of utilising their skills and seeing their sketches online and sharing them with friends and family. We had industry professional, James McCleman, facilitate an editing workshop as well as film the sketches.

“It is an amazing thing to be part of as it accommodates and supports kids from all different backgrounds.” – Hope

Christmas Show

Tribe Porty Youth Theatre Christmas Show

Tribe Porty Youth Theatre Christmas Show

This group also devised a Christmas show with the objective of having the entire class on stage for the entire piece and performed this show set in a bus that breaks down on the M8 entitled “A Merry Bus Ride”. Since January this year, we have been devising a show entitled “Dex & Fran’s excellent adventure” which is based on “Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure” and will incorporate music and dance throughout the ages as the cast travel
back in time to the 1940’s. We have been studying the transformation of costume styles, movement and expression throughout history, and implementing it into our devised script. This group will be performing this show in June.