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Edinburgh Youth Theatre runs classes for primary school children during school term times. We also deliver summer schools and projects. Each class links through to a full description and the chance to sign up for a trial session for £5.

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What you will you be doing in your drama class?

We now have three Sunday primary classes with a total of around 50 members.

Students are getting a broad range of other aspects of performing. All our Sunday primary classes have expanded and continue to thrive. Primary 1-2 class performed a production of Paper Dolls. This production incorporated the themes that we had explored in class such as loss, grief and memory. As part of our Christmas celebration this Sunday class also showcased their 15 minute devised piece to great acclaim!

The Sunday 5-7 class have been involved in several exciting productions. We finished off their year in June with an impressive ‘Showcase’. The children were encouraged to choose their own scenes and then they spent the term working on them. The scenes included pieces from A Mid Summer’s Night Dream, The Goonies, Matilda, The Wizard of Oz, Bugsy Malone, Toy Story to name but a few. What stood out about this production was that 4 of the company recited monologues to the audience. These kids have only been with us for 18 months and to be able to confidently recite a monologue in front of an audience of approx 100 and <em>enjoy</em> the experience was wonderful to see.

This class devised their Christmas show ‘Have a Nisse Christmas’ which was performed as part of our Christmas celebration. They are now working on their devised June show exploring what is happening in current affairs, in particular the new Republican president and the proposed Mexican border wall. During the last term the primary explored theatre through the ages including Dadaism, Commedia Del’Arte and Brecht.

The Sunday primary 3-4 class continues to make huge leaps in their creative discovery. Their production of Homer’s The Iliad was astonishing. The children spent the term learning about Greek myth and legends and exploring the themes that accompany that genre such as love, revenge, hate and war. The children really enjoyed exploring the imagery of the text and working out how to make the ancient stories contemporary. This production was also extremely physical with impressive battle sequences.

“Perfect mix between having fun with your friends and learning to perform.” – Megan

This class also performed in a devised production of ’Naughty or Nice’ as part of our Christmas celebration. This was a mix of devised and scripted theatre, weaving and out of the story of The Little Match Girl and modern day poverty. It was punctuated with very funny sketches that the children had developed. This class is now working on their June show where we will be exploring the theme of emotional and physical ‘barriers and walls’.