Terms & Conditions

Updated January 2021

EYT General Terms and Conditions:

– Please do not leave your children unattended outside of class time in any of our venues/grounds.

– After completing a taster session and signing up, one term’s paid notice is required upon leaving EYT.

– We regret that there is no reduction in fees for non-attendance due to illness or any other reason.

– Your personal and contact details are never shared with third parties.

Debit card subscription payments (for all weekly drama classes):

– Financial commitment is always to a full term at a time.

– EYT will follow the opening and closure of schools during the coronavirus pandemic. This will make our drama delivery a blend of face to face and online for the foreseeable time.

– This now means that when you commit to an EYT class for a term, you are paying to attend face to face when possible and online when necessary.

– It also allows children aged 5-18 access to our weekly virtual class, Drama Hub.

– We are unable to hold a place for children who only want to attend face to face classes without paying for the blended option.


– Fees will be collected by debit card on the 1st of each month.

– If your child joins their EYT class after the 1st of any month, the fee for the number of classes left in the month will be processed within 5 working days of signing up, and your first monthly debit card payment will be taken on the 1st the following month. If this needs further clarification please contact us on 0131 677 6406.

– EYT runs classes for 40 out of 52 weeks in the year. Your payment plan covers the cost of all classes and is spread equally over 12 months. Therefore fees are still payable during school holiday months (including July) where no lessons are taking place.

– Students not continuing into the next school year; subscription will be cancelled after the 1st of July payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY – If you cancel before the term starts you will not be liable to pay for the term. If you cancel within the first two weeks of term starting you are liable for a month’s fees. If you cancel after the first two weeks of term you are liable to pay the term in full.

– Details will be provided in advance of class dates and any public holidays when classes will not take place.

– Should a class not go ahead due to reasons out-with the control of EYT (weather conditions, venue closure for any reason/nursery trip/ event taking place meaning that the class cannot go ahead), EYT cannot be held responsible for any missed classes.

– Every effort will be made to avoid injury during lessons and EYT will not be held liable should an injury occur during a class.

– There is always a First Aider on hand during EYT class time and the First Aider will administer appropriate first aid to students if required.

– EYT teachers cannot be held responsible for students before or after their specified class times. Parents/guardians of children taking part in our classes and workshops, please ensure that your children are left only under the care and supervision of an EYT leader/assistant and are left under the care of, and collected directly from, their class leader/assistant at the beginning and end of each class.

– By booking with EYT you confirm that you are satisfied with the safety arrangements in place at classes.

EYT is a youth work activity provider, not a registered day care service. This means that we are not legally required to follow care provider staffing ratio guidelines. However, in order to maintain good practice, we always aim to adhere to Education Scotland National Care Standards Guidelines for adult to child ratios which are:

Age: 3 and over Ratio: 1:10 (as all children spend less than 4 hours per day with EYT)

Age: 8 or over Ratio: 1:10

By booking you confirm that you have read and understood our full terms and conditions.